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As an integral part of any revamping or upgrading facility, RAF always conducts a wastewater audit & evaluation study, which determines the requirement for design. The study also aids the client in looking at several options including reuse. To make the scheme more economically viable, RAF does source wastewater characterization, which after mass balances determines the requirement for segregation. The wastewater evaluation study leaves the client with a document, which characterizes each stream of wastewater, generated and also discusses available treatment methods and provides a budget for each treatment option. This is a very important step for those manufacturing company that produce wastewater from various places.

Execution of wastewater audit and evaluation procedure comprises the following:-

  • Undertake a composite, flow weighted sampling program to provide a detailed characterization of the contaminants and their concentrations.
  • Study of water use patterns and the processes, which generate the wastewater. Identify all wastewater point sources and the extent of their contamination. Prepare water balance and Mass balance diagrams.
  • Study of the production procedures to identify potential upset conditions, which would have implications on the water treatment system.
  • Study of the production procedures to identify potential upset conditions, which would have implications on the water treatment system.
  • Study the possibility of segregating individual wastewater streams for separate treatment. In certain cases it may be advantageous to pre-treat highly contaminated streams separately from the bulk of the wastewater.
  • Study the potential for recycle / reuse of wastewater streams including cost / benefit analysis. RAF Tech has completed several recycle / reuse projects, which optimized payback for our clients.
  • Perform bench scale testing on the wastewater to evaluate effectiveness of possible treatment processes. This would also be used to identify the best unit processes for full-scale treatment, and to estimate operating costs of those processes.
  • Evaluation of existing treatment facilities and the possibility of including them in any proposed new or upgraded facilities.
  • Identify treatment alternatives and for each one examine the following:-
    • Capital Cost.
    • Operating Cost.
    • Ease of Operation.
    • Space Requirements.

      (Based on the above, RAF will recommend the optimal approach.)
  • Prepare plan view and process flow diagrams of the recommended system(s).
  • Prepare implementation schedule for the design and supply of turnkey wastewater treatment system.
  • Provide 3 bound copies of report containing data and evaluation as outlined in the above points.

There’s a lot of money at stake when scaling a new process. Even if the client developed reaction data and theoretical models describing every facet of the process, bringing a lab scale process directly to a commercial plant puts them and their investors at risk.

There are 4 key benefits to the client when setting up a pilot plant as follows:

1. Provide important process data collection

Pilot Plants come with plenty of instrumentation and sampling points to help the client collect accurate process data throughout their process. They can use this data to refine and accurately predict the following information for a future production-scale process system:

  • Recycle stream effects.
  • End product quality.
  • Forecasting a byproduct from the waste.
  • Refined yield estimates.

2. Allows the client to test commercial-grade materials and equipment

It is often that the client has had a sticker shock when pricing of raw materials for commercial use. Now that they’re out of the lab, they’ll find that high purity raw materials are not so affordable when purchasing in mass. They’ll likely need to make adjustments to the quality of their materials, which can have major effects on their process. Additionally, Commercial grade equipment behaves differently and, in most cases, requires different materials of construction than their lab equipment.

Fully testing how these changes will affect the process is critical to the success of any process scale-up project. By testing these changes on a pilot scale, it can avoid costly miscalculations on a production scale, while still enjoying a reasonable level of production.

3. Pilot plant produes useable products

In a hurry to get your product to market? You might be surprised to learn that a pilot plant can provide you with adequate quantities of useable product. You can use the product from your pilot plant to determine process viability and ROI for investors, share samples with consumers to build a customer base, or start selling your product outright. How you choose to use the product from your pilot plant is up to you. The point is having a pilot plant gives you flexible options for bringing your product to market quickly and safely.

4. Viable long term solution for small quantity product

While many pilot plants are retired after the commercial process comes to fruition, some manufacturers use their pilot plants long-term to produce specialty formulations. You can also re-assign your pilot plant to test formula changes on your existing formula or new product lines as your business continues to grow.

O&M involves fixing and sort of process, mechanical or electrical items should it become out of order, malfunction or upset. It also includes performing routine actions which keep the items in working order (schedule maintenance) or prevent trouble from arising (preventive maintenance). The action includes the combination of all technical and corresponding administrative, managerial and supervision action.

In most cases, RAF Technologies Sdn. Bhd. always comprehensively reviewing the clients system and portrays it in a simple way to understand.

RAF Technologies offers wide range of specialty and industrial chemicals catering for various industries. Often, our scientist formulates the chemical exactly to the needs and requirement of specific clients to address the lowest running cost target and also optimization of the process.

Most of the chemical raw materials and products are under “green” category and imported from our reliable overseas manufacturers and principals in cargo bulk and then distributed to our clients in manageable packaging. The product range includes:-

  • Full range of food grade water treatment chemicals.
  • Full range of wastewater treatment chemicals.
  • Food grade wastewater recycling chemicals.
  • Nutrient and booster chemical to the microbs in biological treatment plant.
  • Water and silicone base foaming control chemicals.
  • High performance slurry conditioning chemicals.
  • Organic antiseptic for odor control.
  • Water disinfection chemicals for microbial control.
  • Specialty Solvents, aromatic chemicals and variety of chemical reaction catalyst.
  • Membrane cleaning chemicals.
  • Water analysis reagent and laboratory chemicals.

As part and parcel of the performance monitoring program of any plants, it is vital to know the organic/inorganic compound present including its concentration in the specific liquid. Often, the client will do the sampling and dispatch the liquid to the third party laboratory for analysis. Some of the parameter results need to be available within an hour time for decision making process but, it is not possible for the third party to fulfill this needs.

RAF Tech offers partial and full range of mini and full scale liquid analysis laboratory professionally and also providing services to calibrate of all the equipment’s. Some of the equipment’s are as follows:-

  • Basic and comprehensive spectrophotometer for chemical oxygen demand (COD) analysis and most of the dissolve metal.
  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) etc.
  • High Index digital microscope and its accessories.
  • Incubator, BOD bottles and reagent for biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) analysis.
  • Desktop and portable sensors for pH, Dissolve oxygen (DO), Oxidation reduction potential (ORP), Dissolve solid (TDS), resistivity/conductivity etc.
  • Laboratory professional furniture and accessories.
  • Modular laboratory construction.

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RAF Technologies designs and deploys water/wastewater, hydrocarbon solid waste and biogas management solutions which contribute to the sustainable development of cities and industries.

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