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Biogas, Biomass and Renewable Energy

RAF Technologies with its business allied WELCO Co. Ltd (Thailand), offers a complete range of biogas brand new project, upgrading and biogas purification technology by which biogas is refined to natural gas quality generating electric power/steam and subsequently fed into the national power grid or for own consumption. With the highly efficient methanogenesis digesting process – The Hybrid Channel Digester (patented in Malaysia) – we have embark to a new rapid development biogas phenomena in South East Asia particularly in palm oil mill and livestock industry.

The choice of process can be made based on performance, operator and market conditions. Both upgrading processes stand out due to an extreme low methane loss while maintaining very high methane purity.

RAF Technologies employs highly specialized managers, engineers and other skilled staff. The cutting edge designing and M&E part are being fabricated at our manufacturing plant in Puchong, Selangor Malaysia.

Partial biogas component that we are experts are as follows:-

  • Preliminary and detail site survey including process suitability and viability.
  • Detail documents preparation and submission for authority approval (For Malaysia only).
  • Fund raising to those qualified project.
  • Detail design for construction purposes.
  • Integrating on all compartments with careful supervision.
  • Biogas plant startup, cultivating CM1 methanogenesis bacteria for testing and commissioning purposes.
  • CHG and power connection to the grid.

Our Proficiency

RAF Technologies designs and deploys water/wastewater, hydrocarbon solid waste and biogas management solutions which contribute to the sustainable development of cities and industries.

Wastewater audit & evaluation and environment consultancy services

Pilot plant study and prototype package

Operation & maintenance package

Chemical supply chain

Water chemistry and biological laboratory setup


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