Our Proficiency

Water and Wastewater Treatment

RAF offers an entire range of wastewater treatment systems, including water purification and sewerage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, recycle treatment system and more.

Biogas, Biomass and Renewable Energy

RAF, with its business allied WELCO Co. Ltd (Thailand), offers a complete range of biogas brand new project, upgrading and biogas purification technology.

Scrap Tyre Re-Processing & Recovery

RAF, with its business allied Evergreen Corporate Sdn. Bhd. (ECSB), is the pioneer and the largest scrap tyre recycling company in Malaysia using thermochemical pyrolysis process.


With our total experiences for more than 25 years in the industry and strategic business partner, we are able to design and provides game-changing solutions.

raf technologies sdn bhd
raf technologies sdn bhd
raf technologies sdn bhd
raf technologies sdn bhd
Ecological transformation is our purpose

Corporate Social Responsibility

Never before have ecological imperatives been so immediately identifiable and their consequences on our societies so obvious for the world’s population. By positioning itself as the benchmark company for ecological transformation, RAF Tech together with its allied NGO, National Organization For Ecosystem Conservation (NOEC) is committed to accelerating the deployment of innovative solutions.

raf technologies sdn bhd

Trustworthy Clients